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Download Delphi-Code-Source : EXOSEE_V1.0.1_CODE_SOURCE.zip

INFO : The main purpose of this code-source is for learning :
Networks connections, files upload/download, tchat messages, threads in Delphi, files browsing and sharing, client/server communications with own protocols, and many usefull delphi code  for inspirations ..etc ...

ExoSee is a private community-oriented file-sharing program that lets people download and share files with users all over the world. It allows for both public sharing within the community and private sharing with trusted members only.

ExoSee has no central server, and thus no load on a dedicated hosting computer, and its users can choose communities. It supports its own XOC protocol that lets users post direct links off the web for downloading, where only the owner of the link knows where the file is.

Developer Ismail Chagdali
Latest version 1.0.0 / January 20, 2007
Delphi 5 and above
Type Private File Sharing

Server side

It is a php file named Virtual Server (VS) that  can run on any host that supports PHP and MySQL.


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